Pathology Laboratory Tests Pune


Anyone can avail test(s) from our entire 200 test list with valid doctor’s prescription, just drop to our centre with prior booking. Prior intimation needed for those test(s) and Profile were Pre-Test preparations or precautions required.


Anyone can avail our Home Visit for Specimen Collection Service, with advancing booking of minimum 48hrs before pre decided slots. This will help to avoid the visit to the centre and have test done in convenience at home.


Under this service segment, leading physicians, doctors, hospitals and health care centres are associated with us to outsource their patient’s specimens for testing. Our on ground staff are working to provide at par and quickest service at their doorstep.

HOW Our Pathology Laboratory OPERATE

healthcare nt sickcare™ makes use of :
▪ Modern Testing & Reporting Methods.
▪ Original Recognition Coding for Specimen controlling & Processing.
▪ Modernized Database monitoring as well as administration with our cloud based internet CRM software.
▪ Expertise & Properly trained staff members from specimen collection and processing.
▪ Zero Complaint Policy
▪ Highly dependable top management officials on business and service administration.

Pathology Laboratory Tests Pune - TESTS AND PACKAGES

We certainly have designed Laboratory tests list based on health issue and disorders. It is our primary duty to offer our customer our most extensive preventive health packages rather than individual tests. Looking at the need from our esteemed doctors and healthcare professionals, we offer you the following medical tests;

Regular Routine Examinations Hormonal Tests & Packages
Allergy Tests & Packages Vitamins Tests & Packages
Cardiac Tests & Profile Anemia Tests & Profiles
Diabetes Tests & Packages Infectious Diseases & HIV Tests Packages
Thyroid Tests & Profiles Pregnancy Tests & Profiles
Hepatitis Tests & Profiles Infertility Tests & Profiles


Life in a quick lane has led many people to pay no attention to their health and well being. Until its far too late and then we discover Health is our True Wealth.

The reason why these medical tests are required?

With expanding stress levels at your workplace, rivalry, frequently eating out , fast food syndrome, there may also be a consistent growth of everyday life related disease problems such as heart problems, diabetes and cancers. All of these if not tested in due time may result in delirious consequences. In times of outrageously expensive medical center care and treatment in general, it will be more sensible to concentrate on prevention of any health problems in any way or at least attention at the initial stages of the disease. This is for YOU, in case you never require, you could possibly forward it to your friends/relatives who could be benefited.